about vaderpay

We are a global team of financial technology and payment industry veterans with over 15 years experience. Partnering and affiliated with multiple payment processing partners across the globe.

We provide traditional and alternative payment solutions acquiring and issuing. Our merchant portfolio consists of gaming, forex and crypto merchants we work with some of the biggest brands in the world.

Being such a small industry, we have real world experience as to which payment solutions are reliable and trusted sources. We only work with selective payment partners and strive to offer to our merchants unique payment solutions.

  • bespoke solutions
  • Quality Service
  • Alternative Payments

What is our core area of expertise?

Merchants are faced with issues of trust, credibility and no central repository of information when it comes to identifying and obtaining payment solutions for emerging markets.

Visa MC has less than 5% penetration in South East Asia, bank transfers and mobile money and other alternative payment solutions independent of the Visa MC railroads are required to successfully penetrate the Asian market.


VaderPay has compiled the most popular and robust payment methods and offer our Clients boutique consulting and payment services for Hard to reach markets such as Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, and China. We are the one stop shop for merchants looking to enter the Asian market place.

Expert Advise

We do not sell off the shelf solutions, we work diligently to understand our client’s individual growth structure, and pain points. We are your payment aggregate specialists.

  • We work with the top 5 largest merchants in the world across 3 industry verticals.
  • We are affiliated with world class payment solutions and PSP’s that process
  • We provide tailor made bespoke services around our clients specific payment needs.

Who Uses Us

We provide payments and consulting to some of the largest merchants in the world.

Blue Chip Merchant Portfolio

If a payment solution works for high risk merchants, then it works just as well for medium and low risk merchants. Whether major card programs such as CUP, VISA, MC or alternative payment channels. We provide payments for most business types.

6 out of 10 largest FOREX merchants in the world

Top 5 largest Gaming Companies in the world

Top 10 largest Cryptocurrency Platforms in the world